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Buffyverse Top 5 of the Year

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Seasonal community for reccing fan created materials of Joss Whedon projects.
buffyversetop5 will reopen for its 2021 session on October 22 at midnight UTC (check when that is in your time zone) and run through November 3.

To combat spam accounts, membership is now moderated but everyone is welcome and all members can post lists. Just request to join and if you're a real person you'll be approved!

What is buffyversetop5?

1) It is a seasonal community for posting recs to fan-created works.

2) Top 5 is meant to thank creators for the work they've shared, introduce newcomers (and longtimers!) to work they may have missed, celebrate another year of enjoying the fandom, and serve as a rec archive that can be searched throughout the year.

3) Top 5 is open over Halloween each year, when recs are welcome in all Whedonverse fandoms.

What can I post about?

Categories are open to each poster’s imagination and preferences. Want to rec your favourite Buffy/Angel drabbles for the year? Funniest Dr. Horrible icons? Awesomest Firefly vids? Most useful websites and communities? We'd love to see them! But there are a few restrictions:

(1) Your posts can be as long or short as you like.

However if your post is longer than two paragraphs, using an lj-cut is mandatory. If you are reccing icons or other artwork it's fine to repost the work within your rec post but please also include a link to where that item is hosted by the creator. This makes it easier for people to comment to that person or follow their work. Lastly, do NOT hotlink the image. Artists get very cranky about this and we will too.

(2) Yes, Top 5 means 5 items only per list.

If you have a lot of recs (yay!) consider splitting them up into subcategories (i.e., Top 5 Funniest Icons, Top 5 Angel/Wes Icons, Top 5 Group Icons etc.) This is also helpful for people who are looking for very specific things.

On the other hand, if you’ve just got 5 items to rec, it’s perfectly ok to have a mix of stuff in your post. Themes are fun but you don't have to feel challenged to come up with one if you just have an assortment of incompatible recs!

Also crossover content is perfectly ok.

(3)Your Top 5 list should be posted in this community, not as a link to your journal.

You can certainly crosspost your lists to both places but Top 5 is a rec archive which means we want to be able to back up and save the recs which doesn't work if the content isn't part of the community.

(4) This is a community for rec lists of fan-created material only. Any off-topic posts will be deleted.

For your convenience the following header should work for most post content, but you don't have to use it.

Item Title or Description:
Creator’s Name:
Rating: (Only needed if you're including Not Safe for Work image)
Link: (Or alternatively embed the link in the title)
Why I chose this: Optional, but it's good to give people details so they can see what they'd like!

What else do I need to know?

(1) If you don’t already have a LiveJournal account, you will need to sign up for one here or on Dreamwidth to take part. Then select the button at the top of this page that says "Join." You'll hear from a moderator soon to get posting access. There are no daily sign-ups so you can post your lists whenever the community is open.

(2) Commenting is great too!

Maybe you’ve read the same stories, maybe there’s another work by that author you’d like to point out to people, maybe you just want to tell the poster you checked out one of their recs and loved it. Join in! One caveat: NO FLAMING, NO EXCEPTIONS! If you disagree with someone’s list, post your own and be polite in your comments. No harshing the holiday mellow!

(3) This is not an English-language-only community.

Links and recs to non-English material are very welcome.

(4) Be generous with your praise to the creators!

If you follow a rec you like, give that author/vidder/artist feedback. It’s nicer than a glass of bubbly!


buffyversetop5's layout and Top 5 header designed by katekat1010. Classic Recs banners by amavel_bel.

buffyversetop5 affiliates with other Buffyverse, seasonal, and rec-centered communities. Please direct message yourlibrarian or leave a comment here if you would like to become an affiliate. Our current affiliates are: noel_of_spike, seeking_spike, sgversetop5, and seasonal_spuffy.

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