thedothatgirl (thedothatgirl) wrote in buffyversetop5,

Top 5 AtS Vids

Yes me again,  This first choice was recently remastered which, considering how superb the original was, you would think there was no  room for improvement. That said you should really check out

Suicide Note  by Charmax. To be honest I love all of Charmax's slayerverse vids but this remaster really chills. Poor Wes.

Cowboy   by Sisabet - One of those vidders who for me, captures Angel so well.

Blade  By Aimee -  Who wouldn't want to watch the movie from this trailer.

Angel Trailer Redux     by Robert Flannigan - Another trailer using the music from 'Chosen' but  source from Angel Season Five, I can still feel the goosebumps.  Not sure what has happened to Quortoth - Robert's site but a copy may be on YouTube somewhere.

Sex on Wheels  By Luminosity.  Angel character study. I would also rec her fun 'I Love LA' but it is off line which is a shame as it has a special place in my heart . 
Tags: char: angel, char: wesley, fandom: ats, form: vid
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