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My top five Giles/Buffy stories

My third and final list features five classic stories pairing Giles and Buffy. From very long to short, from grim to funny, from sweet to scorching.

A. Manley Haight, Autumnal Equinox, FRAO
Buffy is called to participate a rite of passage coinciding with the fall equinox. But her mother won't let her, and the drive is beginning to be too much for her to take. Includes one of the hottest phone sex sequences I have read.

Kris Wahlberg, The Transformations Quartet, FRAO (unfinished)
One of the big Giles/Buffy epics. Picks up where season 3 ends, and goes in a direction very different from canon. This Giles has a very interesting backstory with an evil Council. Also features Wesley paired with an original female Watcher. Slayers risen as vampires, demons, evil at the heart of the Council, and moments of happiness and repose despite it all.

gileswench, "A Mile in his Moccasins", FRAO
The inevitable bodyswitch story. Buffy, grumpy with Giles for having left her to go back to England, doesn't listen to his pleas for caution, and the weird demon nails them. Can they each resist the temptation to make the other over? Can Buffy figure out where the off switch is on Giles' man-part? Can Giles cope with a day on the job at the Doublemeat Palace? And then they start talking...

Reni: Baby Love
Giles has come back from England to beg Buffy to let him retire. Just as he arrives, Warren & his Legion of Dim strikes with a new experimental weapon, and turns the four Scoobies into toddlers. Oh dear. Bath time, diapers, and Slaying all make for chaos while Giles & Buffy try to figure out what happened and get it fixed. Then Hank Summers turns up...

uberaeryn: "Raining on Sunday", FRAO
Cognac. Chocolate. Savoring. Signals.
Tags: form: epic, pairing: buffy/giles

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