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Signal Boost: seasonal_spuffy

seasonal_spuffy, Truth or Dare, will run from Monday, May 10th through Tuesday, May 23, on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal . Links to all new entries will be available during the round on both of these sites and also on tumblr and Facebook, the Elysian Fields Discussion Group on Facebook, and in the General Discussions section of BuffyForums.

If you didn't sign up, you're still welcome to post any new Spuffy work on the 2 free-for-all days:

Monday, May 24th and
Tuesday, May 15th.

And if you would like to participate in another way, remember that anyone can currently comment on any Seasonal Spuffy post with or without logging in.

Just a reminder that they are also looking for anyone who might be interested in becoming a Seasonal Spuffy mod.
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