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Buffyverse Top 5 Is Now Closed

I am happy to note that while this 15th session coincided with the potential loss of a very longstanding fannish resource, it appears now as if it's going to find a new home. I will take any hopeful sign in 2020 that I can!

If you haven't been on both sites or using our fandom's wonderful resource, the su_herald, to keep up with recs in all places, Top 5's LJ community will be backed up to Dreamwidth in a few days, so all recs will be together there.

All the lists shared were deeply appreciated – the story this year is in the numbers. Recs this session added 48 items directly to the AO3 collection (with 22 more pending), and an additional 124 bookmarks made there for items offsite. Top 5's new Twitter account failed to pick up any activity during the annual posting session, but it will get another chance next year.

Last month AO3 announced that they have started work on moving collection browsing and filtering to Elasticsearch, which will allow users to search for collections that contain bookmarks -- not just works -- in the fandoms of their choosing. This makes it more likely that works recced here will be found by users there through the collection, broadening the audience for older works even if they're not onsite!

The LJ and Dreamwidth accounts will be running as usual next year. We'll be reopening on October 22 and running until November 3. with the same format as this year, beginning with Classic Recs, having open recs, and then focusing on 2021 recs.

Thanks to everyone, and petzipellepingo and I hope to see you next year!
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