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Top 5 Classic Works

1) Medley of Extemporanea by idyll. Angel and Lindsay meet again in Pittsburgh post-series, and neither of them is the same as they once were. An intriguing concept of how they might come to a middle ground.

2) Liam and Will walk into a bar and debate the existentialism of fate by shadowkat67. "Metaphysical/philosophical character study of Angel and Spike's differing perspectives - Angel the Fatalist vs. Spike the Existentialist." Some excellent examples juxtaposing the two. One of a number of Buffyverse meta pieces she added to AO3 this year as part of the March Meta Matters Challenge.

3) Paul's white knight fantasies by Metabird. "Both Dollhouse and Orphan Black are therefore stories about female characters rejecting objectification and asserting their individuality. The white knight is sympathetic, but he doesn't determine the protagonist's fate."

4) Spuffy Stained Glass by thenewbuzzwuzz. NSFW. I've seen some very nice drawn art pieces in a stained glass style but hardly ever a physical work in that format! Very cool.

5) Pieces of Mind by AliceInKinkland. "Willow is being scouted by one of L.A.’s top tech companies—but they’re interested in more than her programming skills." Another re-recced work, but I loved the idea of this Buffy/Dollhouse crossover.
Tags: cat: crossover, cat: postseries, char: adelle dewitt, char: angel, char: paul ballard, char: spike, char: willow, fandom: ats, fandom: dollhouse, form: essay, form: fic, form: original artwork, pairing: angel/lindsey, pairing: buffy/spike

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