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It's October, time to prep for Classic Recs!

For those of us in the northern hemisphere we may be seeing pumpkins popping up, cooler weather on the rise, and shorter days. But no matter where you live, October means one thing ...

Yes, Halloween, but also Buffyverse Classic Recs!

If you haven't taken part before, this is what you can start collecting:

1) Recs to any fan-created works on the Buffyverse from any time before 2010.
2) Crossovers involving the Buffyverse are a-ok!

And to start things off, here are some treats for you to spread the fun.

(banners kindly contributed by dawnofme)

Starting at midnight GMT on October 28 (that’s midnight for New Zealand, 6 PM ET in the U.S. on Oct 27) we’ll be celebrating Halloween through all the time zones. Four days for you to bring your all-time favorite recs of fics, vids, graphics, anything and everything fandom has produced on the Buffyverse!

If you missed Top 5 when it was last open in January or you’ve been wanting to post your earlier recs, now’s the time! If you haven’t posted at Top 5 before, please take a look at our FAQ page for tips on how to post.

ETA: Sorry about the apparently invisible icons. I think it has to do with the way LJ has cached my now non-accessible scrapbook account. I can see them but no one else can -- mysterious!

Here are a set of Classic Recs icons made for us by eyesthatslay

, , , , , , , , , ,

, , ,

Top 5 will be open all through Halloween night for all your recs so get those lists ready! If you have any questions, just post them here.
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