Elena (moscow_watcher) wrote in buffyversetop5,

Buffyverse Potpourri-2009 - and this is my last, post, I swear! :)

Happy Holidays! a Spuffy manip by incredibly talented sueworld2003

Also Ran by penny_lane_42
One-shot, PG, during You're Welcome: Cordy and Spike talk about Angel and Buffy. Interesting comparisons, paradoxal parallels, great character voices.

Facing the Future by brutti_ma_buoni
One-shot, PG. In 1978 Giles is subjected to a recruitment interview by the Council. Chillingly effective, full of insightful details, the story features the perfect Giles voice.

Matchmaker by hello_spikey
Complete, PG, AtS s3/BtVS s6. Buffy/Spike, Angel/Cordelia. Back in 2001, when UPN bought BtVS, networks had "no crossovers" politics - so in canon Angel never visited Sunnydale and Spike never went to LA in 2001-2003. Ficwriters don't concur... Writer's notes: "Someone once commented that they'd seen fics where Spike would decided to help Buffy and Angel get together, but had never seen the reverse. So I thought, "Well, actually I think Angel would be adorkably bad as a matchmaker." The result: funny, touching, insightful story with great character voices.

Night of St. Vigeous by ladyofthelog
PG-13, Spuffycentric remix of 5.02 "Real Me". Ladyofthelog conveys typically Spuffy mood circa fall, 2000. Funny, sparkling story, very true to the essense of Spike/Buffy ship.
Tags: cat: episode-specific, cat: holiday, cat: humor, cat: preseries, char: cordelia, char: giles, char: spike, fandom: ats, fandom: btvs, form: fic, form: photo manip, pairing: buffy/spike, pairing: cordelia/angel
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