yourlibrarian (yourlibrarian) wrote in buffyversetop5,

Top 5 Icons

1. Serenity by jadeleopard - All – I really liked #10 of Xander and Cordelia and #73 of Mal and Zoe but the one I snagged was #74, it seemed such a standout.

2. Geometry by ladymanson - All – #70, I liked that it took me a moment to place this, and that the point of the scene is better revealed in an icon where the figures really are reduced to lines.

3. Drusilla by mouthfullofdust - All – I thought #40 was marvelous but there were a number of interesting Buffy and Angel ones in this post.

4. Who's the Cutest? by isis2015 #68 – I suppose it depends which verse you're asking about, but here's one take.

5. Steer You Around the Curves by starbuck42084 - All - #5, I liked the framing for this quintessential Faith icon.
Tags: char: drusilla, char: ensemble, char: faith, char: kaylee, fandom: firefly, form: icons
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