January 13th, 2009


Most original plots

Joss provided us with countless ploys to develop the universe he created: alternate dimensions, slayer dreams and memories, not to mention good old sci-fi technologies and, last but not least, characters worth exploring. Here are 5 stories based on unusual plot bunnies.

Nothing Ventured by shapinglight
One-shot, NC-17, between Hell Bells and Seeing Red on BtVS and post-Couplet on AtS. Spike visits Angel in LA and talks with him about Buffy without naming her. Angel thinks they're talking about Dru and gives him some advices... Terrific idea and masterful execution: sharp dialogues, minimalist descriptions, spiced with lethal irony. A character-study-cum-tearjerker-par-excellence.
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5 Longer Future And/Or Time Travel Spuffy Fics!

I do like to read a longer fic, as it gives you a chance to really enjoy the story, and for the author to develope a complex plot, and to give some great character depth.

The first of these fics is future fic, but with time travel involved. The next 3 are time travel fics; and the last is a future fic.

I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I have.

1)  The Ultimate Betrayal  by jamies_lady 


Summary: Buffy discovers that she and the other slayers have been under a horrible spell and that she has been betrayed by the one person you'd least suspect

Rated NC-17

Post series – Time Travel


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