Buffyverse Top 5 Is Now Closed

That groaning squeak you hear is the door being closed on this 2019 session. Although you'll have to put away the pumpkins and trick or treat bags until next year, don't forget to let the creators know how much you've enjoyed the tasty goodies that have been shared.

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We want to remind anyone watching that the only reason membership has become moderated on our LJ account is due to spam accounts (we had one attempt membership just this past week). Actual people wanting to join and post are very welcome and they should get approval notices within 24 hours.

Also, by this time tomorrow all content posted on LJ will be backed up into the Dreamwidth account. petzipellepingo and I urge you to visit the community directly to find additional recs that got posted only on Dreamwidth as you'll find quite a few more works.

buffyversetop5 will reopen for its 2020 session on October 23 at midnight UTC (check when that is in your time zone) and run through November 3. Thank you to everyone who shared lists or stopped by to chime in about them!

Buffyverse Top 5 Closes in 9 hours!

We're down to the final hours of our session, and here's one last recs list of 2019 works from me.

Thanksgiving with the Burkles, 2019 by shadowscast. This ficlet is not only a new work from her in the Buffyverse but it's a sequel! (And also perfect for this new month).

Villains by electric_heart. Fun icon of the Troika. Also I quite liked her pairing icons.

Excardiation by beer_good_foamy. "After Buffy runs away from home, Joyce finds herself bringing home a curious flowerpot from the gallery." Well you know that's not going to go well.

Roses Are Red, Angelus Is Blue by thenewbuzzwuzz. A series of scenes tied together with roses, covering up the scent of denial.

Change, Like Sunshine by still_lycoris. "When Wash first joined the crew, he thought Zoe was Mal's lady. He was quite wrong about that." And Mal was quite wrong about it disrupting a smoothly working ship.

2019 Recs, Post 2

Buffy, Slaying Vampires Since 1996 by shiruji. I have to quibble about the date since it was either earlier with the movie or the TV debut was in 1997, but a cute icon nonetheless!

All the Children I've Had to Say "Good Bye" To by protoneoromantic. Such a strong finish to this, and a title with such a punch when you know who it's said by.

Comics Buffy by misbegotten. Lovely set of Buffy comics icons. No. 5 is my favorite but the Xander one is also striking.

Night Flight by JolieMariella. Wing AU Spike fanart.

The Ballad of Wishverse Giles by thenewbuzwuzz. Giles POV poem. I'd say "fun" but the episode theme wasn't on the happy side, so I'll just point out that it's clever instead ;)

Five multi-chaptered Spuffy fics

I have already recced five short Spuffy fics and this is will be my last entry for this year. It's a list of five multi-chaptered Spuffy fics. All of them have been published and completed in 2019. Hope you enjoy some of them!

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5 random fics in 2019 I enjoyed

This is my last set of recs for this session of buffyversetop5. Thanks as always to the brilliant mods for hosting this every year, and thank you to everyone who has added wonderful recs, both old and new, to my ‘to read list'. Anyway, on with the motley...

Confidence by Deangerous - nice, believable moment between Cordy and Xander when he tells her about sleeping outside at Christmas.

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5 vids by 1SnoWhiteQueen1

1SnoWhiteQueen1 has been on a roll making Buffy and Angel vids this year. I just don't understand how it's possible to create so many vids in such a short time AND with such terrific quality. The editing is fantastic, the colours are gorgeous, they're filled with action and/or drama, they let the characters shine... It's simply amazing and I'm totally in awe (and very envious) of 1SnoWhiteQueen1's skills!

The following 5 are just the tip of the iceberg; all 1SnoWhiteQueen1's vids come recommended (and there are a lot of them).

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5 Spuffy one-shots

Can you believe that more than twenty years after the show first aired numerous fanfics are still being written and published? It shows that BtVS really has stood the test of time and that the fandom is still alive and kicking. Yay! So from all those wonderful new stories here are five which are short and Spuffy and have been first published in 2019. 

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5 recs from the 2019 Summer of Giles

summer_of_giles always gives us lovely stuff each year, and here are just a few that I loved this year. Of course, there are a lot more, so make sure you go check up the comm for the rest of this year's lovelies.

The Tyranny of Numbers by aadler is fascinating. It’s Giles, Dawn and set well post Chosen. To say much about it would give the game away, so I’m just going to go with the author’s summary - People change. Sometimes the changes don’t make sense. Sometimes they make … a kind of sense. Now go read and find out what’s going on.

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Flash Forward Weekend!

We've now moved into the final days of our session and are focusing on recs from 2019! To kick us off, here are some of mine:

No. 6 Buffy/Angel dots by electric_heart. I thought the style was snazzy!

Buffy to finish out 2016 by artofjph. I liked the sort of jagged look that suited Buffy's inner state.

P.O.T.D. by Twinkles. Painted Illyria and Fred. What I really liked about this was the way the artist captured Fred's smile so well.

No. 17 Faith in battle by pureimagination. I quite liked this close up of her, it really gets across action in a close up.

Daddy Angel by pureimagination. Not as many icons out there of Angel cradling a baby even though he did so quite a few times and there's so many kidfics out there!
Top 5 Show your Love Gunn Cordy - amavel

Late 2018 Works, Post 2

Editable World Map of Spuffy Fic Recs by thenewbuzzwuzz who "mapped the settings of some Spuffy fic I have recced in the past. For example, "One Gazelle in All the World" by baphrosia takes place in the Serengeti, so I stuck a pin in Serengeti National Park and put the fic title and author in the description. So. Theoretically, one could use the map to find fic recs based on setting." It's open to edits so you can both browse it and make the map grow!

Que Sera, Sera aka. Doris' Day by kerk_hiraeth. Short ficlet that reminds us how the Three Caballeros might well have gone in quite a different direction with many more paths branching out.

gaycember — day 1 — Willow Rosenberg by ant-agony. This struck me as such a contented Willow.

In the Flower Bed by iseetheyelloweyed, a Spuffy artwork set in a rather macabre garden.

And as we begin November:

10 Reasons Pangs is Great by spuffybot. Not only did I find the point about Willow and Angel's relationship interesting to consider, but it was also good to see this representation of what I suspect a lot of fans do, which is to rewatch certain holiday Buffy episodes as part of their traditions.