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Buffyverse Top 5 Opens in 1 Month!

It's time to pick out your costume, start carving those pumpkins, and decide on goodies to share because it's almost time for the 2021 session of Buffyverse Top 5!

That means recs for all fanworks in the Whedon fandoms. Our kickoff is on October 22, 2019 at midnight UTC (click here for your time zone). That is 6 PM EST on Thursday, October 21 in the U.S.

We'll be starting out with a Classic Recs weekend, and then from October 25 through October 29 feel free to post any mix of recs you'd like. Then on October 30 - November 1 we'll be closing things out with our Flash Forward weekend -- several days of focusing on content from 2021. So no matter what assortment of fan-created content recs you have, they will be welcome!

So for these 11 days please share your all-time favorite recs of fics, vids, graphics, anything and everything fandom has produced in all the Whedon fandoms. As always, crossover content is A-OK, so let's celebrate these fandoms' works!

We also want to alert anyone following us here that our Dreamwidth account is also open to posts during this session but there is no need to duplicate content there if you are already posting here. For anyone on Twitter or Pillowfort, please check those accounts for more information about local participation.

For anyone who has questions about how things will go, please comment here or you can check out information on what to post during a Buffyverse Top 5 session. And don't forget to signal boost this reminder as that way we'll have a good holiday feast :)
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Signal Boost: seasonal_spuffy

seasonal_spuffy, Truth or Dare, will run from Monday, May 10th through Tuesday, May 23, on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal . Links to all new entries will be available during the round on both of these sites and also on tumblr and Facebook, the Elysian Fields Discussion Group on Facebook, and in the General Discussions section of BuffyForums.

If you didn't sign up, you're still welcome to post any new Spuffy work on the 2 free-for-all days:

Monday, May 24th and
Tuesday, May 15th.

And if you would like to participate in another way, remember that anyone can currently comment on any Seasonal Spuffy post with or without logging in.

Just a reminder that they are also looking for anyone who might be interested in becoming a Seasonal Spuffy mod.
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Signal Boost: Sign up for Round 30 of Seasonal Spuffy!

Our friends at Seasonal Spuffy have announced sign ups for Round 30.

The Spring 2021 round of Seasonal Spuffy starts on Monday, May 10, and runs through Tuesday, May 25, on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. The theme for this round is Truth or Dare. The theme exists to inspire, not limit. You are free to interpret the theme however you wish or do your own thing instead.

Sign up for a posting day by choosing a day in the schedule and leaving a comment on that post.
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Signal Boost: Send Your Meta a Valentine

March Meta Matters Challenge banner by thenewbuzzwuzz

Dates: March 1 to April 1

For anyone who has ever created any meta, the March Meta Matters Challenge community will be running again to help keep you going (or get started!) on archiving your meta works on AO3.

While creators have often used multiple sites to host their works, one type of work has generally been left out of fans' efforts at archiving and preserving fanworks -- meta. In many cases, meta posts have not been copied anywhere else other than the location where they were first posted, leaving them hard to find and particularly vulnerable to loss.

So what if we can make a small dent in getting it saved? The March Meta Matters Challenge is focused on not just new meta, but making sure older meta gets a chance to be read and remain a part of fandom history. While new meta is also encouraged, the priority for Meta Matters is to make sure meta doesn't vanish with sites or personal accounts when those get closed or moved.

This is a month long event that kicks off on March 1. There are no signups and anyone can participate, as anonymous comments are enabled at the Dreamwidth community.

If you have any questions about MMM, look over how the challenge works, or visit our FAQ or leave a comment!
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Seasonal Spuffy Poll

Our friends at seasonal_spuffy are asking for participation in a poll to determine when the community rounds will be open. "We've been thinking that we might be able to save ourselves some work as mods, in a number of obvious and less obvious ways, and maybe even make it easier for all of us to plan our year, if we didn't make that decision anew for each round. The length of the rounds might change as needed, and we'd still have polls about themes and such, but we would always know when the rounds are scheduled to start.

So, if Seasonal Spuffy ran at the same time each spring and fall, what time should it be?"

Visit their post to weigh in.

Buffyverse Top 5 Is Now Closed

I am happy to note that while this 15th session coincided with the potential loss of a very longstanding fannish resource, it appears now as if it's going to find a new home. I will take any hopeful sign in 2020 that I can!

If you haven't been on both sites or using our fandom's wonderful resource, the su_herald, to keep up with recs in all places, Top 5's LJ community will be backed up to Dreamwidth in a few days, so all recs will be together there. Collapse )

The LJ and Dreamwidth accounts will be running as usual next year. We'll be reopening on October 22 and running until November 3. with the same format as this year, beginning with Classic Recs, having open recs, and then focusing on 2021 recs.

Thanks to everyone, and petzipellepingo and I hope to see you next year!

A mixed bag of lovely random stuff from 2020

The Costume Codex is a lovely YT channel run by a costume designer who analyses the subtext of shows through their costuming decisions. All the videos are worth a look, but I really enjoyed this analysis from a few months back of Giles’s evolution in the Buffy ‘verse as it is reflected in his clothing choices - Our Man in Tweed; a look at Giles through costume.

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summer_of_giles is a lovely sandbox to play in every year and to enjoy some wonderful creativity. Here are five fics from SoG I enjoyed this year. (There's a lot more there than just these five, so go over to the comm and have an amble through all the great work.)

The Mirror Broke (But All My Friends Were Laughing) by 23Murasaki. I’m a sucker for a well written AU and this one is lovely. Randall lives post Eyghon and Giles’ life takes a different turn. This is excellently done.

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