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Five More Fics by Clockwork_hart1

I've already rec'd Lucy's Buffy & Tara friendship fic "Talk to Me"; This year she vowed to be Anya, a "vengeance demon" for oft-neglected women of the 'verse and their relationships to each other and she's kept that promise in a big way by creating marvelous must-read stories. These are just a sample: one shippy, the rest gen-friendship, all female-centric.

"Putting the Check in Checkpoint" (Buffy, Anya, Ensemble, S5 episodic of "Checkpoint") - For snickfic's lady-love fest prompt: "Buffy and Anya. A moment when they understood each other perfectly." This fic is my headcanon now -  the way it should have been. It feels like a true "deleted scene" from that episode in every way. Perfection. I can't imagine anyone improving on this.

"Holding on to Forever" (Buffy, mentions of Dawn, midS5, post-The Body) - written for lynzie914's prompt for a Buffy fic: "My friends assure me my heart will heal, but they also believe that CPR works like on TV. (Six broken ribs and a cracked sternum. Good as new.)" at kwritten's lady-love fest. An achingly lovely portrait of Buffy's struggles to function in the face of overwhelming loss.

"A Lesson in Understanding" (Joyce, Giles, early S3, episodic of "Anne") - Inspired by a prompt from velvetwhip. Another "it should and COULD have been this way" that gives Joyce Summers her due, and the series only occasionally offered us: the humanly-flawed but very real complexity, love and quiet strength inherited by both her daugthers. Summers blood, indeed.

"Corruption's Only A Sin When it Doesn't Get Finished" (NC-17, Cordelia/Lilah, AtS) - Something on the lighter side for the Fifth Annual Femslash Kink Meme on Dreamwidth. I don't read NC-17 fics, I'm not into sex scenes, I haven't watched AtS (what happens to Cordy? *sniffle* I just can't) ergo this fic isn't anything I'm into...except when it's this sexy, funny and just plain damn delightful?  I can be seduced.

"Through Dirt" (Kennedy, S7 post-Get it Done; character death) - Another fic that "fills in the holes" inspired by a prompt, this one from dragonyphoenix, who felt that Chloe's suicide was brushed off far too easily on the show. Lucy takes the tantalizing hints of a greater complexity to Kennedy's character that are hinted at on the series, but never really developed, and burrows deep beneath the surface in this character study. Haunting from start to finish.
Tags: cat: episode-specific, cat: femslash, cat: gen, char: anya, char: buffy, char: giles, char: joyce, char: kennedy, fandom: ats, fandom: btvs, form: ficlet, pairing: cordelia/lilah
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