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Five More Fics I Really Enjoyed in 2013

Again, couldn't think of an overrarching theme except the above.

It doesn't look like anyone else is going to rec these, so I am.

The Act of Losing, by brutti_ma_buoni, Spike/Buffy, PG. Warnings for major character death. I had to miss this out from my previous post of sb_fag_ends ficlets by this author, but as I said before, I could have chosen any of her work for the comm, because they're all wonderful. This one is just too good to miss. Very, very sad, though.

On a more cheerful note (though still involving major character death), Not in the Brochure by beer_good_foamy, Spike/Buffy, PG. The First has been defeated, Spike is burning up in the Hellmouth. Buffy has something very important to tell him - if he'll only let her get a word in egdewise.

Also by beer_good_foamy (because I love his work, can't you tell?) Telling Porkies, set in BtVS season 2 (the post-interfering monks version with Dawn in it), Dawn, Mr Gordo, background Buffy/Angel. PG. Jenny Calendar's soul-restoring spell goes a little awry and there's one stuffed pig whose not gonna take it any more!

Also on a lighter note (even though it includes incest - or kind of) is Randy and His Dad by hello_spikey, Spike/Giles, NC17. Willow's spell in Tabula Rasa doesn't get broken so quickly and so follows 'the lovely story of Giles and his son Randy.'

Finally, on a serious note again, another story from hello_spikey, The R Word, Spike/Buffy, early season 6. Contains the aftermath of non-graphic rape, but it's Spike whose been raped. It's always jarring when RL horrors intrude into the Buffyverse. This story worked really well for me in the way the subject matter was dealt with character-wise. As always, hello_spikey's character voices are wonderful.
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