yourlibrarian (yourlibrarian) wrote in buffyversetop5,

Top 5 Videos

Loser by kimberly_a - A light hearted look at Spike's less than heroic moments.

Brave New World by kaydeefalls. "I wanted to try actually telling a horror story (not my usual or preferred genre) -- the Wishverse is pretty horrifying to begin with, but the really scary part to me is that question asked: "How do you know the other world is any better than this?" And is it really?"

Do It Like a Dude by Alassante - Multifandom vid of the ladies having their own face-offs.

Tightrope by frayadjacent. Things are always happening for the Scoobies but there are still moments of fun, triumph and dancing.

The Polka Slayer by milly and bradcpu. Silly fun that manages to cover the whole series.
Tags: cat: char vid, cat: crossover, cat: ensemble, cat: episode-specific, cat: recruiter vid, char: spike, fandom: btvs, form: vid
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