Shapinglight (shapinglight) wrote in buffyversetop5,

Five Superb Pieces of Fan Art by Chasingdemons

I love all these images of our beloved characters. They have a clarity and directness that appeals to me. chasingdemons is always careful to list sources too.

Click on the link to see the image.

A portrait of Angelus. Simple, but extremely effective.

Dawn, Willow and Faith. Three for the price of one here, all in very differings styles. Click on the individual images to see them larger.

Wesley, rogue demon hunter.

A Civilized Man. William, pre-vamping.

And finally, a gorgeous, and NWS image of Spike chilling out in his crypt. White Noise.

Tags: char: angelus, char: dawn, char: faith, char: spike, char: wesley, char: william pratt, char: willow, fandom: ats, fandom: btvs, form: photo manip
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