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5 Top Buffy & Tara (or Buffy/Tara) Fanfics in 2013

Five fannish "love letters" to my favorite underappreciated and overlooked friendship in the Buffyverse. Only two of these stories include Dawn "onscreen" but all of them mention her in some way, echoing S5's "Family". In a world defined by violence and certain death, Love is the most courageous possible choice, their gift to one another. Alphabetical by authors' pennames.

"Talk to Me (That's What Friends Are For)" by clockwork_hart1 - (Gen; Buffy, Tara, implied B/S & W/T; S6 episodic of "As You Were") Lucy's responded to my prompt for a Buffy and Tara friendship fic in which Tara "is a complex human being, NOT a perfect angel or saint". This lovely deleted scene that was everything I wanted and more. Buffy and Tara offer each other comfort, solace and support after Buffy breaks up with Spike and Tara reluctantly confesses her own anger towards Willow. Bonus: (comlodge's gorgeous banner for the story.)

"Re-Make, Re-Model" by elviswhataguy - (Buffy, Tara; implied B/T, early S6) Somewhat darker and more explictly "shippy" than "Warmth" (below); Buffy struggles with feelings of depression, anger, attraction to Tara as they try to bond with Tara via mundane things: schoolwork and soup. Deftly explores multiple similarities and parallels between the two characters that run deep beneath the apparent differences; an accurate portrayal of what depression actually feels like. (Credit, gratitude and a plate of warm home-made brownies to punch_kicker15 for introducing me to this author in their rec list.)

"Blurring the Lines" by kwritten - (Buffy/Tara; AU) The author's summary reads: AU- Tara doesn't die in "Seeing Red"; use of Key-canon. This is the one I'm having the hardest time describing (my brain is coming up with "Virginia Woolf?") Full disclosure: the first time I read this delicate, almost abstract open-ended prose-poem I didn't "get" it. It's not plotty in any traditional sense, it could be set almost anytime between the moment Buffy knows Dawn is the Key; it's probably S6 but could be the summer before S7. It feels like the seed of or a snippet from a true 'verse of it's own. MORE, PRETTY PLEASE? ETA: Kwritten just made my wish come true and added chapter two. *SQUEES*

"Take a Moment" by lanoyee - (Gen; Buffy, Dawn and ensemble, S6 post-Grave)  Buffy, Dawn, Giles and the Scoobies grieve for Tara at her funeral in this "deleted scene" fic that's part narrative, part prose-poem that satisfies what I want and need: proper tribute paid to Tara after her death and acknowledgement of her importance to beyond "Willow's partner". Spare and melancholy with a surprising warmth beneath the sadness, it gave me what I wanted AND needed. (Inspired this meta post that is one of my favorite things I have ever written.)

"Warmth" by thedissociation - (Buffy, Tara, Dawn, implied B/T; S6 episodic of Dead Things.) - Buffy's confession and breakdown to Tara in DT has been one of the most frequent and convenient starting points for Buffy & Tara fics; this is one of my favorite versions. Can be read as friendship or 'shippy' depending on which way you squint. The label or catagory isn't what matters here; the most important thing is the sense of "family"; the interweaving of sadness, love, confusion and hope; of emotional comfort freely given and reluctantly received.
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