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5 Fic Lists for 5 Great Rare Characters

So who here doesn't like rec lists? That's what I thought. I try to keep track of good fic for characters that aren't part of the core group, both here and at fantas_magoria. Here are a few of my favorites, in order of appearance:

Lydia Chalmers, Watcher — Lydia first appeared in Checkpoint, and made Watcherdom adorable. Presumed dead in the bombing of the Council by the First.

Buffybot — Introduced in Intervention, this charming creation can do comedy and tragedy with equal panache. Destroyed by Hellions.

Holden Webster, Vampire — A one-episode vampire who gets to Buffy in entirely new ways. Risen and dusted in the course of Conversations with Dead People, but not forgotten

Harmony, Vampire Personal Assistant — AtS Season 5 Harmony is the poster girl for "Evil, Soulless Things Try Harder". Still ticking, but without, you know, a heartbeat.

Dana, Slayer — Our first hint that the Slayer Empowerment Spell wasn't going to cure all ills. Dana only appeared in Damage, but we know her existence is creating ripples throughout the Slayer organization.

Be sure to check the comments of each post for additional links!
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