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Five Favourite Shadowscast Fics

Back today with five of my favourite stories by shadowscast. I love her stories so much. She writes the best Spander (not a pairing I otherwise read) and can, when she wants, deliver a killer punch to the emotional gut.

Sunshine, Spike/Xander, NC17 for one short, but explicit sex scene. Thirteen years have passed since Spike mysteriously disappeared in Africa. What's he been doing all that time? On a visit to London for a happy occasion, Xander gets to find out.

It Never Happened, Spike/Giles, R. Set in the seasons 5/6 hiatus, with Buffy dead. Something strange happens to Spike that changes his relationship with Giles and the Scoobies irrevocably. Or does it? I think this one made me cry.

Sock Puppet, Spike/Xander, Mature. Set post-NFA, a figure from the past (and behaving very strangely) turns Xander's new life upside down.
This one definitely made me cry.

Longest Day Ever, Spike/Xander, mature. The Spander version of Groundhog Day. At least partly. You'll see what I mean when you read.

Seeing Is His Super Power, Spike/Xander, PG-13. On a return visit to the Sunnydale crater, Xander chances across a certain amulet. Comedy and angst ensue in equal measures.
Well, maybe there's a little more angst.
Tags: cat: au, cat: btvs s5, cat: postseries, cat: time travel, fandom: btvs, form: longfic, pairing: giles/spike, pairing: xander/spike
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