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Five Disturbing Dark Fics

Others before me have shared their favorite creepy tales, but since I'm sort of known for my taste for evil, it made sense for me to weigh in with my own selections: five tales which definitely do NOT explore the lighter side of life in Sunnydale. Also, these stories carry warnings for good reason. Heed them.

1) Twitch by spuzz: This is not fluffy Spander in any way, shape, or form. Instead, what you have is a portrait of Spike going off the rails and taking Xander on a very bad ride.

2) Innocence (the If You Love Me Remix) by snowpuppies: We were told how evil Angelus was, but we never really got to see it on the show. Snowpuppies has stepped in to rectify that lapse with a look at what would have happened if Angelus had shown us who he really is back at the apartment with Buffy.

3) Last One Standing by kallie_kat: A dark classic. Angelus has taken almost everything away from Willow... but he's working on the one thing she has left. Her mind.

4) Does the Mouse Scream by snogged: Angelus has with Fred. This one's won awards and for good reason.

5) The Perils of Fantasy by salustra: Yes, Angelus is at it again... and he's got Cordelia right where he wants her. *shivers*
Tags: cat: darkfic, fandom: ats, fandom: btvs, form: fic, form: ficlet, pairing: angel/fred, pairing: buffy/angelus, pairing: cordelia/angel, pairing: willow/angel, pairing: xander/spike
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