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Top 5 2012 Graphics

Faith by valyssia - #18 - There are a number of nice pairing icons in this post of Faith and Buffy or Willow and Buffy but this solo one of Faith is a stunner.

Cordelia icons by sweet_lyri - Blend icons - A small set of nice Cordy icons, though my favorites are both of the blended ones, which seem like bookends to Cordy's very personality.

Dawn by leftofmyheart - #7 - A mix of BtVS women, this icon caught my eye for the way the lighting accentuated the emotion of the still. Also interesting how icon #4 of Buffy makes the two look more related

Giles sayings by katekat - For personal reasons my very favorite was the final "Librarian" one but there's plenty to choose from for everyone here. The "Sorrow" one was a real standout to me.

Willow/Buffy by valyssia - #5 -The coloring for this set is great, and #1 is very eye catching, but it's rare to see manips of this pairing as icons.
Tags: cat: femslash, char: cordelia, char: dawn, char: faith, char: giles, fandom: btvs, form: banner, form: icons, pairing: buffy/willow
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