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05 January 2013 @ 01:34 pm
Five Xander fics that got under my skin  
It’s no secret that I’m a Xander-centric writer and reader, so here are five Xander fics that really got under my skin in 2012.

Xander’s Kingdom by il_mio_capitano is terrific Xander, Giles Gen. The boys have been in the desert searching for a magical dodaah for Buffy, but things haven’t gone exactly to plan. The atmosphere in this is great and there are lines of dialogue that just kill me. (Xander, Giles, PG13)

baudown’s Waking is everything a drabble should be - It’s elegant, has a beautiful choice of words and images and tells a huge story in 100 words. (Spike, Xander, character death.)

Sunday by raynejelly is Spike and Xander in a tale of love and miscommunication. This one made me cry. (Spike/Xander, PG, angst)

velvetwhip’s Sometimes Country Music Doesn’t Cut It is a lovely snapshot of a moment between the boys post The Gift. It’s subtle, intimate and it makes me sigh and wish I’d written it. (Spike, Xander, FRT/PG)

Et Praevalebit by thea_bromine. When Xander ignores all common sense and warnings, the cost is much higher than any of the Scoobies ever expected. It’s Giles who exacts payment from him – but why, and what is the cost to Giles himself? (Xander/Giles, R18/FRM)

This is an epic that had me on the edge of my seat between August and December as I waited obsessively for each of the 47 chapters to be posted. When it was complete I went back to the start and read it again in one go!

Warning - this is a slave fic with some BDSM and a great deal of angst and I’d strongly recommend you read the Author's Notes post which outlines what you can expect so you can decide if you want to venture further. There are also warnings on individual chapters. Having said all that, even if this isn't your normal cup of cocoa, I'd urge you to give it a go, because it's just full of surprises, including Xander in a kilt and Giles in armour!)
yourlibrarian: ScoobyXmasTop5-eyesthatslayyourlibrarian on January 5th, 2013 10:11 pm (UTC)
No worries about the tagging, we'll handle that. I'm still reading through the first and got sidetracked in commenting :D
sparrow2000: sparrowsparrow2000 on January 6th, 2013 01:13 am (UTC)
Thank you my dear, that's great. And if I could sidetrack you into reading, then my work here is done! *g*
velvetwhip: Spander kissage by Claudia6913velvetwhip on January 5th, 2013 10:14 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh. I am so flattered that you think so highly of my little story. Thank you. This makes my day!

sparrow2000: sparrowsparrow2000 on January 6th, 2013 01:14 am (UTC)
I just love this story so much. I've reread it several times and always seem to get something new out of it.
velvetwhip: Spander kissage by Claudia6913velvetwhip on January 6th, 2013 01:19 am (UTC)
That's the most extraordinary compliment possible and I can't thank you enough. Wow.

sueworld2003: lightssueworld2003 on January 5th, 2013 10:45 pm (UTC)
An excellent selection. :D
sparrow2000: sparrowsparrow2000 on January 6th, 2013 01:14 am (UTC)
I aim to please, and I hope these fics will do just that! :)
baudown: pic#111143280baudown on January 5th, 2013 11:06 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for including me! And I've read two of these stories, so I feel like I'm in good company.

sparrow2000: sparrowsparrow2000 on January 6th, 2013 01:17 am (UTC)
You are in very good company, and the others are in excellent company next to your piece too! I went to and fro between recing Waking, or And All Was Said, as I loved them both, but it's the sheer elegance of Waking that really gets under my skin.
Shapinglight: galaxyshapinglight on January 5th, 2013 11:21 pm (UTC)
They all sound very intriguing.
sparrow2000: sparrowsparrow2000 on January 6th, 2013 01:18 am (UTC)
Intrigued is definitely a good thing. Puts down breadcrumbs and lures you onwards... *g*
Flippancy provided by: xanderil_mio_capitano on January 7th, 2013 08:05 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for the rec. I'm honoured to make your top 5.
sparrow2000: sparrowsparrow2000 on January 8th, 2013 12:33 am (UTC)
You are most welcome. It's a great fic, so I wanted to wave the flag for it. :)
thea_bromine: Theobrominethea_bromine on January 7th, 2013 08:44 pm (UTC)
New people! You're sending me new people! And I'm in your top five!

You read it all at once? You'll be sick. You will so be sick.

Maybe this week I'll stop messing about with notes and start writing the sequel.
sparrow2000: sparrowsparrow2000 on January 8th, 2013 12:40 am (UTC)
Yay for new people! Of course you're in my top five, there's no way you wouldn't be, given how obsessive I was reading this story.

"You read it all at once?" I know, crazy. I admit to a little lightheadedness from time to time, but that was mainly the urge to shout at them all at various stages for their sheer blindness and pigheadness! *g*

A sequel - sits up and looks expectant. Would it be too bothersome if I just sat it the corner and held my bowl out - I don't take up much room and I don't shed much.... *g*
baudown: pic#111143280baudown on January 9th, 2013 01:01 pm (UTC)
I don't read Giles/Xander.
I don't read Giles/Xander.
I don't read Giles/Xander.

Why did you have to rec Et Praevalebit, which I can't stop reading? I don't know whether to thank you or curse your name (*g*) because I DON'T READ GILES/XANDER!
sparrow2000: sparrowsparrow2000 on January 10th, 2013 03:31 am (UTC)
Tries to look guilty.... Fails miserably....

I actually thought of you when I recced this. I know you don't read G/X, but this is such different X/G that I thought you might like it, but I didn't want to push you into it. So I'm thrilled to bits that you enjoyed it. Thea is a brilliant G/X writer, and if you've a mind to try something else of hers, I can thoroughly recommend her Kaleidoscope 'verse, which again is G/X, but not in the way you'd expect.

I'll be over here, trying to look innocent.... *g*