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01 November 2015 @ 08:18 pm
Thank you to everyone who provided lists, as well as those who commented to the contributors. As the years roll on it's great to be able to look back to both works from a few years ago as well as those over a decade old and discover (or re-discover) favorites.

Although we're now closed to posting, Top 5 will re-open on January 1 for its 2015 session. At that time petzipellepingo and I look forward to welcoming all your new lists for Buffyverse fanworks created or continued in this year. Please join us then and in the meantime enjoy all the fandom goodies served up this round :)
01 November 2015 @ 11:13 am
1) Ex Turpi Causa by drsquidlove. A lawyer offers to bring Simon and River their freedom. Simon thinks they'd be better off taking their chances on Serenity. Angel crossover. Read more...Collapse )
01 November 2015 @ 05:31 pm
The Lion Laying Down With The Lambness Of Xander And Larry by reremouse: Xander/Larry. What I'd pay to see the conclusion to this one? The Xander voice is perfection. The whole atmosphere is funny and witty and crazy. Xander and Larry in their most boy high school romance glory.

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01 November 2015 @ 06:34 pm
Since people seemed quite taken with the first set here are five more, probably better known than the first set.

Living History by LizMarcs
Rating: PG, Worksafe
Some people have come from a place far, far away and a time far, far ahead to ask for help on an urgent matter. The time they were aiming for? February 2008. The place? Moscow. The problem? Somehow they've ended up in Cleveland, September 2003. And that’s just the beginning of the trouble; they seem to be descendants of the Scoobies and are determined not to change the past... but they haven't reckoned with Xander. Superbly written with a fascinating plot, some of the most beautifully crafted OCs I've ever seen and a wonderful portrayal of Xander and Faith. Very highly recommended!

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31 October 2015 @ 05:25 pm
As I was waiting for Buffyverse Top 5 to begin this month, these came to mind as in I didn't go looking at my bookmarks.

1. Indri's In the Morning of the Magicians. This is totally my head-canon for how Ripper and Ethan met. It has so many things going for it. Bourgeois Ripper who is put off by his friends' lifestyle. The story Ripper is telling himself keeps changing as he realizes he's not going to make it big as a musician. How Eyghon would not have been invoked without both Ripper and Ethan in the mix, but Ripper denies all blame, putting it all on Ethan. This is what breaks Ethan, taking the blame onto himself and thinking that he doesn't know how to have friends and that's what turns him into the Ethan from BtVS. It's a marvelous tale.

the rest of the recs are at the halloween party / samhain ritual that I"m late forCollapse )
31 October 2015 @ 01:57 pm
So to prove that I don’t just read Xander-centric fic, here are five that I really like that don’t have a Xander anywhere in sight!

In The Time of Wolves by valyssia is a brilliant study of Willow’s grief after Joyce’s death. There’s just something about this one that gets right under my skin.

And there’s more...Collapse )
31 October 2015 @ 03:06 pm
The Learning Curve by il_mio_capitano: Immediately after Becoming Part 2. How Giles came to learn about Buffy's note and Joyce's first encounter with Buffy's "watcher."
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31 October 2015 @ 11:14 am
Five non-scary (and mostly non-dark) stories for the Halloween. Arranged from shortest to longest (though even the longest one is just about 1800 words.)

C'tea for Cthulhu by lostboy_lj. Buffy, Spike, PG-13.
Buffy and Spike encounter Cthulhu and things don't go as you expect them, though everyone acts perfectly in character (including Cthulhu).

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31 October 2015 @ 02:21 pm
The HP 'verse is the commonest one for fics where the author re-writes history by inserting a character (internal or external) who knows what's supposed to happen and is determined to change things but the Buffy 'verse has its examples too...

1. Martian Manhunter by Mediancat
Rating: PG, Worksafe
As the result of a bet that we spend most of the story waiting to find out the nature of, Veronica Mars is in the Buffyverse, knowing what's coming and unable to do anything about it... or can she? If you're familiar with mediancat's work then you're probably already anticipating wonderful writing. If you're a fan of the Veronica Mars series then look no further: this is for you! :-)

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30 October 2015 @ 06:51 pm
I’m a sucker for stories that say ‘what happens next’ post series, because there are so many possibilities. Here are five ‘what ifs..
Half a Sky of Stars by curiouswombat has my all time bullet proof kink – strong, confident Xander who has found his place in the world. Just gorgeous. Oh and this is het.

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30 October 2015 @ 03:20 pm
I hated that what happened to Xander in the episode Consequences was never explored properly on the show. So here are five fics dealing with Faith's attempted rape/murder on Xander.

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29 October 2015 @ 07:39 pm
Last year, I posted five historical fics, and promised I would post five more. I didn't get around to it then, so here they are now:

1. Sacred, by Valancy -- An encounter between Angel, Spike, and Dru, set sometime after the events of the Boxer Rebellion. This is one of those stories that makes you think, "Oh, of course that would have happened." A beautifully written, emotionally authentic story with spot-on voices and characterization. I've only recently discovered this story, and unfortunately have been able to find very little of the author's other work.

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29 October 2015 @ 05:23 pm

Author: beer_good_foamy
Character: Lydia
Posted at open_on_sunday on July 30, 2014

This drabble is about Lydia (the Watcher). Her past, present, and future in 100 words. It just stuck with me.

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29 October 2015 @ 07:03 pm
I often gravitate towards hurt/comfort fics which in turn often gravitate towards pain, angst, and bittersweetness.
I have a lot of fics that I'd like to recommend but had to find five examples only. Hope you will enjoy them as much as I did. Note that I had accidentally posted a fic by TheSigyn which was a Harmony/Spike fic but that ones is actually too new to be a classic. My bad.

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29 October 2015 @ 05:11 pm
These are my go-to fics when it's dark and I'm all alone and I'm scared or freaked out or whatever.

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29 October 2015 @ 12:21 pm
I know Gabrielle has already posted a dark fic list, but since it is almost Halloween, I thought we could stand to have another one. Here are five Xander fics that play in the shadows of the Buffy ‘verse. These are all dark and delicious and make me go ‘eeeeeek....’

Red Apple Falls by _dellamore makes me want to go hide under the bed. Bodies are stacking up all over Sunnydale. The Scoobies think they know who’s responsible, but only Xander knows why. It’s amazing what can happen when love becomes obsession. Make sure you read this with the light on.

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29 October 2015 @ 11:00 am
Some of my favorite crossover fanvids. All worksafe.

The Fall of the Eleventh by sheryloh. Firefly/Doctor Who crossover; River & 11th Doctor.
Amazing trailer which makes me want to see the movie... which, of course, doesn't exist. WHYYYYYYY?! Is there at least a fic? Anyone?

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29 October 2015 @ 08:41 am
So, it was hard to narrow down to just five but here's my pick: five Buffyverse podfics, from five different readers:

- American Girls, written by impertinence and performed by podklb / gen, Buffy-centric, over 3 minutes long. Also, full discolure: I created the cover for this podfic, I just love it so much! ♥

moreCollapse )
28 October 2015 @ 02:40 pm
Five Dark and Creepy Classics for Halloween

1) Twitch (Spike/Xander) by The Spuzz:

This is one of the creepiest Spander tales you’ll ever read, with Spike at his most dark and obsessive. I’ve been haunted by it since the first time I ever read it and I am sure you will be too. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

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28 October 2015 @ 04:22 pm
Okay, I'm not exactly sure what to call this category but they're not chipper, that's for sure.
These are all worksafe.

1. Brave New World by Kaydee Falls asks if we are sure that the real world actually is better than the Wish!verse.

2. Quinara's in the dark / sometimes / i hear you gives a great feel of Spike's insane in the high-school basement PoV.

3. Losing Your Memory by Tay Marie has me in tears each time I watch.

4. Aycheb's Scarlet Ribbons: Yeah, I apologize for inflicing this on you right after Losing Your Memory. Also, I think it's awesome she quoted Alice Sheldon (aka James Tiptree Jr.).

5. Laura Shapiro's Transparent: Eeeeee! Amazing Willow character study.
28 October 2015 @ 04:02 pm
Five of my favorite parody fics, arranged from shortest to longest.

Spike's Fury by coalitiongirl. Buffy, Angel, Spike, PG-13. The alternate ending of season 8 comics. Much better than canon one.

There are more!Collapse )
28 October 2015 @ 10:29 am
Recently I’ve been tracking down some favourite old Xander/Oz fics that somehow had slipped through the cracks of my bookmarks. I was really happy to revisit all of these

First up it's Kate Bolin’s wonderful The Curve of Your Lips Rewrites History. Post Graduation, Xander runs across Oz at a truckstop and offers him a ride. This Xander is emotionally all over the place and Oz is as serene as a werewolf can be. The scene by the lake and the aftermath will kill you every time you read it. Bloody gorgeous but not worksafe.

More Xander/Oz goodnessCollapse )
28 October 2015 @ 12:50 am
Okay, so I was reading a coffee story posted in 2015, which will be recommended in the January BtVS Top 5, and it reminded me of Lyl’s In Another Life. After the fall of Sunnydale, Willow is found wandering with amnesia. She settles in LA where she works as a barista and falls for Don Eppes from Numb3rs. The relationship just works so well and it’s adorable watching them fall for each other. Totally worksafe.

The rest of the recs are catching up on iZombie, which is surprisingly good so far.Collapse )
27 October 2015 @ 06:20 pm
Is something giving you the shivers? Maybe it's because buffyversetop5 is now open for rec posts scary and fluffy alike.

We’ll be celebrating Halloween through all the time zones until midnight UTC on November 2. Five days for you to bring your all-time favorite recs of fics, vids, graphics, anything and everything fandom has produced in all the Whedon fandoms. Content from all time periods before 2015 are eligible for posting and, as always, crossover content is A-OK, so start sharing those lists!

If you haven’t posted at Top 5 before, please take a look at our FAQ page for tips on how to post. Or if you have any questions, just post them here.
16 September 2015 @ 03:16 pm
Are thoughts of Halloween creeping up on you? It means Classic Recs is coming up soon!

Starting at midnight GMT on October 28 (6 PM EST in the U.S. on Oct 27) we’ll be celebrating Halloween through all the time zones until midnight November 2. Five days for you to bring your all-time favorite recs of fics, vids, graphics, anything and everything fandom has produced in all the Whedon fandoms! All time periods before 2015 are eligible for posting and, as always, crossover content is A-OK, so get those lists ready!

To start things off, here are some treats for you to spread the fun. Read more...Collapse )
20 January 2015 @ 03:24 am
buffyversetop5 is now closed. Thanks so much for everyone's contributions, this has been a wonderful selection of the very best of 2014.

buffyversetop5 will reopen on October 29th for its Classic Recs session, where anything missed in the 2014 session, as well as all other time periods, will be eligible for posting.
Five banners that are works of art in their own right (by other talented fan artists) in no particular order. The banners shown here are ones I admired and have influenced me as an artist whether or not I participated in the individual challenges. Check out the banners AND the winning icons that adorn them at the links below:

[This way to the rec list]By comlodge:

Challenge 22 "A Room Full of Empty" (April)

Challenge 26 "The Same...but Different" (July)

Challenge 36 "Ye Olde Vampyre Gang" (December)

Janice's banners are very specific to the individual challenge themes and have a particular theatrical quality to them, a mise en scene suggestive of stage sets. Challenge 22 is moody and atmospheric; 26 and 36's banners are lush, densely layered, evocative of Victorian drawing rooms and vintage photographs gently fading in an attic trunk. I love her fearless use of textures to "degrade" the images in beautiful ways.

By tempertemper:

Challenge 32 "It Takes Two to Tango" (October)

Challenge 35 "Least Favorite Eps" (November)

Challenge 32's banners are typical of what I think of when I think of Temper's "style" (also typified by her own first place winning icon): warm, soft and inviting glow, muted color palatte. #35's are entirely different; each banner is carefully and precisely coordinanted to the individual icons in terms of colors, and textures so that they seem to be organic extensions of the icons themselves. Manage to be both eye-popping and understated at the same time. The banner for rua1412's first place winner is particularly stunning.

Bonus by starry_night

Challenge 23 "Simplicity, It Works for Me" (May)

I am color-matching's bitch. No apologies. Deal with it, kids. The background starry chose resembles a watercolor painting in the rain, soaking the paper. "Pastels" are difficult to pull off without being too-sweet but these hit the spot, matched to their respective icons; while a subtle mix of fonts keeps things interesting without pulling focus..
19 January 2015 @ 10:19 pm
This round of Buffyverse Top 5 just wouldn't be complete without:

[You do want to know, don"t you?]

Conclusive Etymology of a Summers by clockwork_hart1 (Lucy). I love this story so much it inspired my very first fanfiction poster for another author. One of my favorite Buffy character studies, delicately etched and sympathetically observed. When it comes to Buffy Summers and the Summers sisters, Lucy owns my soul: She loved to watch her sister write. As Dawn scribbled and scrawled her soul down into books, she knew that the monks had given her a gift.

Civilian by velvetwhip (WIllow, Riley, mentions of Willow/Tara, Willow/Kennedy, Buffy/Riley and Riley/Sam, canon-compliant post-series)  A story aching with regret in every word as a chance encounter brings the terrible weight of memory crashing down about WIllow's ears. One of the best, most devastating endings of any fic I've read this year; packs an incredible wallop. If it doesn't hit you in the gut, we may need to check you for a pulse. There’s a story there and a painful one, but she’s not one to go poking at wounds to watch them bleed, so she puts a solicitous hand on his arm.

Three Coins in a Fountain by rahirah (POM-verse; Buffy/Spike, the Immortal; POM/Barbsverse). She stood, five foot two of righteous Slayer fury, and the Immortal actually took a step backwards. Told you she was out of your league, mate. This one is so much fun -  60-something Buffy  and Spike Summers-Pratt are given an assignment by the Immortal to fetch some rare coins. There are...complications. This was one of the fics that made it safe for me to be a Spuffy shipper again this year. I love that our heros are older, a little plumper, comfortable in their fuller bodies, still fully sensual and sexual beings; still as snarky, sarcastic and witty as ever. And chapter 1 inspired a very meta conversation between Barb and quinara re: Buffy and Spike's late seasons body issues and representation; how cool is that? Chapter 2; Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

PIece of Cake by spuffy_luvr; (Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Angel, Drusilla, Willow, Faith; mentions of Spike/Drusilla, and Angel/Dru). Lorelei's return to writing btvs fanfiction was one of the happiest events of the year, IMO.  If you haven't checked out her fag_ends ficlets, let shapinglight's rec list get you started. Piece of Cake was the winner of Best NC-17 at the last Round of Sunnydale Memorial fanfiction awards, deservedly so.  I don't read porn. I don't read NC-17. I sure as heck don't read all-human AU fics except...if anyone can get me to read one, it's spuffy_luvr. Superb characterization, sex that is genuinely sexy but she pulls no punches on issues of non-consent. My favorite chapters are actually the two featuring Willow, who is beautifully drawn here in a supporting role; she's becoming a Willow-writer to watch.

And finally one more from kwritten: taxes? - also complete here on AO3 (Buffy/Tara, Anya, Olivia, Dawn, AU S6) The remaining piece of the Finding a Balance B/T 'verse (more, please?) written for kikimay's prompt: taxes, Buffy S6 AU. Because I'm curious to see what you would do if you were Marti Noxon. This is the fic that opened up the Buffy/Tara, Dawn 'verse to the other ladies and introduced Olivia to it, which makes even richer. Anya gets to be the true hero, working on Buffy's taxes post-resurrection as she should have in the series, and negotiating with the WC on Buffy's behalf. A gem.
19 January 2015 @ 03:25 pm
I've already focused on some of kwritten's Buffy/Tara fics in my last rec post; here's more by various authors focusing on Tara herself rather than as half of a ship:

[Spoiler (click to open)]
The Real You by brutti_ma_buoni (Tara, Dawn, mentions of Buffy and ensemble, S5-S6?); for eilowyn: Tara spends some time, that summer, trying to work out when Dawn became. Too few fics explore Tara's relationship with Dawn but also Tara's skill as a witch in her own right. This fills a need; satisfying and poignant.

Filling Holes by foxstarreh (Tara, implied W/T, canon-compliant S6, post-Once More With Feeling) There's this hole in her head.

Her Own also by foxstarreh (Tara, implied W/T, canon-compliant S6, between Tabula Rasa and Smashed.) Tara moves out of Revello and back to campus. Some of Tara's things are Willow's and she leaves those behind. Both of Fox's drabbles are incredibly haunting.

The Things You Find in Vending Machines by the ininimitable velvetwhip (Tara, Buffy, canon-compliant S4, post-New Moon Rising). This was written as a gift to me in return for the banner I'd made for her amazing fic "Soft and Pink and Very Sad"  ; a deleted scene that reminds me how hungry I am for more Buffy and Tara friendship scenes. Oh great. Not only is Buffy officially a dork, but Tara looks like a deer caught in the headlights, so now Buffy feels guilty… and still wigged out.

Eagles on the Wind by kerkevik_2014 (Tara/ Faith, post-series) Another gift for me; sly, sensual, confident Tara taking the lead with a Slayer whose cocky attitude doesn't mask her nerves or her fear of intimacy? YES, PLEASE.
"Aren't we gonna screw?"   /
Tara tutted at Faith; slowly undoing the buttons on her new wife's dress.

This could and should be a list of ten or fifteen of kwritten (Kelsey)'s fics, but alas, choices must be made.

[Fic recs this way, not to be missed]

oh you're here, too? (Buffy, Anya, Willow, Dawn/Faith) Already on the shortlist of my favorite post-Chosen fics, and unique in Anya's key role as the women of the 'verse "redefine 'adulthood' and all that implies".

slipping right down (Buffy/Tara, Dawn/Allison Argent) The second part of Kelsey's blurring the lines series inspired by my Buffy/Tara fic rec post from one year ago; Kelsey's summary Buffy's memories continue to blur between realities and Tara searches for a cure doesn't come close to capturing the raw power of this story. Bonus: Dawn is the protagonist of  part 3, faces in the mirror.

finding a balance (Buffy/Tara, AU season 4; also on AO3); a retelling of "Hush".  Kelsey created a second Buffy/Tara series that seems at first to intersect with Blurring the Lines but is in fact a separate 'verse and the polar opposite of BtL - warm, domestic, nurturing "fix it fics" of the very highest order in which the women of the 'verse struggle to support one another and more often than not, get it right.

The other parts of the finding a balance verse are not easy to find but they're worth seeking out because each story in the series gets better and better:

part 2: her bark is worse than her bite (Buffy/Tara, Dawn, AU S6/7) written for my
prompt: thunder/courage; tara being as flawed and human, not a golden goddess of perfect wisdom and forgiveness; keyverse okay.

part 3: what you want and what you get (Oliva, Buffy/Tara, Dawn, Anya, Sam, Sunggyu*, Giles; AU S6) Another gift for me from my prompt Buffy, Olivia, a decent meal; I told Kelsey this year that I had envisioned a scene of Olivia comforting Buffy in a kitchen sometime vaguely S6 or post series, making sure Buffy ate a meal and ending up consoling a still grieving Slayer; but I had no idea how to write it and asked her if she would tackle it instead. The result is a thousand times better than anything I could have hoped to come up with: Olivia Williams never wanted children. She definitely didn’t want a whole household of traumatized teenagers incapable of even asking for help because they no longer knew how.

Bonus: aftershock (Joyce, Buffy, Faith, Dawn, mention of Giles; AU-Helpless, Keyverse compliant) another fill of one of my October meme prompts, for Joyce, Buffy, Dawn, post-Helpless or Gingerbread. The women of the 'verse come together to aid Buffy and rescue Joyce from Kralik. Joyce does a little rescuing of her own; Giles proves himself to be quite useless. More lovely domesticitity as only Kelsey knows how to write it.

19 January 2015 @ 08:47 pm
Some last year's WIPs that I enjoyed (and hope to enjoy more).

In a Corner of My Soul by dragonyphoenix (Ensemble, Giles-centric, PG-13). Giles as the Big Bad of Season 1. Perfectly believable "what if", beautifully intertwining with canon events.

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19 January 2015 @ 09:50 am
Some of my fave Spike, Willow and Spillow art work from this year.

Some nudity but nothing shocking. Enjoy!

In no particular order

1. Spillow by blondebitz

2. Willow by emmatheslayer

3. Spike by chasingdemons

4. And two Spike's by comlodge


In a mad rush to offer one more list before time runs out, I am offering up five stories which have nothing in common except for the fact that I really like them. Hope that's good enough.


1) These Five Words I Swear to You (Spike/Joyce) by angelskuuipo: Okay, I have to admit that I'm a big Joyce fan and I love seeing stories where she gets to take center stage. This? This is a crackerjack tale of Joyce being the center of Spike's attention at the best possible time. If you're looking for something that will bring happy tears to your eyes, this is your story. It's fabulous!

The rest of the storiesCollapse )
18 January 2015 @ 06:47 pm
My final post from the sb_fag_ends Edgar Allen Poe Halloween Challenge. Sorry if all my posts to the comm this year have been a bit same-y, but my fandom time in 2014 was very limited. Also, it would be wrong not to rec some of the other contributors to the challenge, all of whom were absolutely brilliant.

Enjoy. Then go and seek out their other ficlets and read those too.

"..." by thisficklemob. PG. A silence demon targets the Scoobies in season 7. 349 words. For the prompt: Silence.

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Some favorite vampire stories from the past year, arranged from longest to shortest.

The Perfect Present by shapinglight (Spike/Drusilla, Angelus/Darla, PG-13). Murders and presents: a perfect Christmas celebration, Fanged Four-style.

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17 January 2015 @ 07:15 pm
Favorite lighthearted fic from past year, in order from shortest to longest.

Just Plain Evil by hello_spikey (Spike, Miss Kitty Fantastico, PG-13). Where everybody, including Tara, are doing very very very evil things.

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16 January 2015 @ 09:33 pm
And more of my favorite meta from the past year.

The trouble with insiders series by kwritten. Deep multi-chaptered analysis of several Buffy characters through "Insiders vs. Outsiders" scope. Consists of: 1: The heroic outsider, 2: Dawn and outsider knowledge and
3: Xander and the gap of lack.

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Five more memorable ficlets from the sb_fag_ends Edgar Allen Poe titles Halloween challenge, this time all written by spuffy_luvr, each one of them, like in my previous post, beautifully, imaginatively written.

Don't you love it when fic writers make you see familiar things in a new light?


The Soul of the Plot. Spike's POV in Beneath You. PG. 400 words. For the prompt: Ligeia (by way of The Conqueror Worm).

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2014's Edgar Allen Poe titles Halloween Challenge on sb_fag_ends resulted in a huge creative surge on the comm. Some really wonderful ficlets and drabbles were posted, and some didn't (IMO) get nearly as much feedback as they deserved.

No knowledge of Poe's work is required to appreciate them.

Here are five by drizzlydaze, and believe me it was really hard to pick just five.

All rated PG.

Life. Set during the BtVS season 5/6 hiatus. 266 words. For the prompt: Ligeia.

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15 January 2015 @ 07:35 pm
Hope on Fire by shinyjenni (Buffy). Amazing Buffy-centric slayers vid. If only Buffy could show it to the Potentials instead of all those season 7 speeches.

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14 January 2015 @ 07:22 pm
Some favorite complete longfics from the past years.
Any bad English in summaries is mine and shouldn't be blamed on fic authors.

Gently Down the Stream by shadowscast (Ensemble, with some Buffy/Spike, PG-13). Here's Buffy's life in a nutshell: dead mom, dead-beat dad, dead end job, dependent sister. She's pulling double shifts at the Double Meat Palace to make ends meet.
And yet, she's actually pretty happy! She's got supportive friends and a sexy English boyfriend. Her life is full of love, and frankly after that accident last year and the coma, she's grateful just to be alive.
Oh, and the main point - it's NOT all-human AU.

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It was so hard to choose just 5. I'm about as artistic as a pot noodle so I have an extra appreciation for all those who are able to produce works of fan art.

In no particular order (all work safe)

I have two by comlodge they're a variation on the same picture but I couldn't decide which one I liked best so I've put the two up.
(Spike/Dru) More Christmas Cheer

Second Spike/Dru

I loved this peice by futterwackens Willow as Elphaba from Wicked

okdeanna Lovely bit of Spike/Angel over at bad_swa (adult based community)
Dark & Twisted

This one really made me smile, it was such a unique idea. There are three parts altogether so do check them all out!
rbfvid Buffy characters as cats
Includes: Spike, Angel, Buffy, Cordy & Willow
13 January 2015 @ 04:12 pm
Some favorite Faith-centric shortfic from the past year.

The Replacement (Faith, Spike, PG-13) by hello_spikey. Post-Gift AU, where Faith is brought to Sunnydale as a replacement slayer. The story sticks as close to canon as it is possible (well, except for bringing back Lydia the Watcher), especially when it comes to Faith's reaction on being a replacement.

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12 January 2015 @ 08:12 pm
Some favorite fanart drawings from the past year.
Click either on the links or on the thumbnails to get to full-size images.
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12 January 2015 @ 05:05 am
In no particular order...

Title: Happy Xmas (War is over)
Author: Seraphcelene
Rating: Mature
Summary:"Against the tide we struggle with the skin we're in." Dawn, after.
Why I chose it: The characterization of Dawn is so much more than what was explored in cannon. Dawn has never been a character I particularly like, but this made me sympathize with her. It's also BAngel friendly.

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