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16 January 2017 @ 03:06 pm
Another annual session has come to a close, and we'd like to thank everyone who contributed a list, as well as all the friendly voices welcoming the posts. This community would not exist without each of you.

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Top 5 will open again on October 28th at midnight UTC for its Classic Recs session over Halloween. If you have any yet unposted lists for this session, please remember us then as we'll be looking forward to all your treats!
16 January 2017 @ 09:14 pm
Because nothing takes my mind off things like combinations of crack, fluff, smut, and Spuffy. When I think of every one of these fics, one of the first summaries that come to mind is "everything is happiness, and nothing hurts". None of the stories take themselves too seriously. Most of them are full of smut. All of them make me smile and laugh. (It's late. Sorry! I somehow thought the end time was midnight local.)

1. 10 Ways to Defrost Your Vampire Boyfriend by TerrusDacktellus (DactylGirl, lady_sybyl). I think the title says it all.

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16 January 2017 @ 10:01 am
I want to thank the mods for keeping this comm open for all of us to look back and celebrate the wonderful works and people in our beloved fandom. It's all too easy to dwell on the negative, and forget all the amazing things happening all around us.

So, may I have your attention a little longer for some awesome fanwork creators worthy of wider celebration and special mention:

From thenewbuzwuzz: Blackout Spuffy poetry made from shooting scripts. Such creativity!

1. Fool for Love (VAMPIRE...)
2. "Angel", "Doppelgängland" and "Welcome to the Hellmouth" ("what's it like where you are?...", "good girls...", "past SHATTERS...")
3. "Hush" and "Some Assembly Required" ("- CONTINUING - MORNING...", "at the graveyard...")

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I'm a fan of the giles_shorts community, especially the "first line last line" challenge, where the last line from someone else's drabble becomes your first sentence. It takes a lot of discipline, something our favorite Watcher would surely have approved.

For your divertion, may I present five drabbles inspired by prompts from Giles-shorts:

Inherited Skill by quaggy_mire

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16 January 2017 @ 07:02 am
The Final Cut by aadler: Dru is going after Jenny and Angelus is playing taunt the watcher. It’s Jenny, Giles, Ethan and Xander on a wicked adventure set in S2 after Angel lost his soul.
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15 January 2017 @ 06:03 pm
1. The Heart Stone, by carlyinrome, (Kendra/OFC) is a tale of a budding romance between Kendra and an unforgettable OFC. It's short but manages to pack in heart-thumping action, humor, and all the feels in the world.

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15 January 2017 @ 10:24 pm
Again, Forgetting by velvetwhip (aka Gabrielle) or AO3 link. What if getting a soul didn't make Spike just temporary crazy? And Buffy was the one who had to deal with it.

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15 January 2017 @ 12:45 pm
Just a reminder to everyone that the 2016 annual session will be closing in approximately 24 hours, so if you've got any last posts to share, send them out :)
14 January 2017 @ 08:01 pm
Five favorite shippy shorts from the past year, and one vid as a bonus.

very good bad thing by spangel. Cordelia's POV on Buffy. So accurate that it hurts.

Waylaid by beer_good_foamy (or AO3 link). Faith/Tara in the Wishverse, and it's surely the lightest and most hopeful Wishverse story I've ever read.

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11 January 2017 @ 10:08 pm
Five favorite Angel/Spike things of the past year. Well, actually, six. Ok, probably seven.

Someone I Know by verucasalt123 Angel should stay away. Of course. He doesn't. Of course.
Just a short and very possible encounter set somewhere around "School Hard".

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11 January 2017 @ 10:51 am
Who ever gets tired of icons, or amazed that we can still find new and interesting takes on images that have become very familiar over the years? Well, here are some that definitely caught my attention.

Buffy #10 by longerthanwedo. I liked the psychedelic, cosmic look of this icon. Also #14 of Willow and Tara looks particularly dreamy.

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09 January 2017 @ 05:23 pm
Five favorite Giles-centric stories of the past year, arranged from shortest to longest. Well, five and a bonus.

Reluctant Masquerade by xspike4evax. A bit of Giles POV on Wesley circa BtVS season 3, perfectly spot-on.

Déjà vu by darkheartwalsh (DHW). There is a dead woman in his bed. It isn't the first time.
Stunning and absolutely heartbreaking portrayal of Giles soon after "The Gift". Also, it's probably the most efficient parallel I've ever seen used in buffyverse fics.

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08 January 2017 @ 05:26 pm
The Carnivorous Carnival by bewilde
It's a few chapters in, but he's there. At least in every version of the story that I've read so far.
"This, Me of the Past, is what we in the Future call Pokémon Go. (..) With this Smart Phone, which I have through a clever mixture of magic and technology enabled to speak to servers in the Future, you can catch all of the Pokémon long before anyone else on Earth even has access to the game. You, my younger self, shall be the world’s first True Pokémon Master.”
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State of Celebration: kinship
08 January 2017 @ 12:18 pm
It's been a bountiful year. :)

1. Illustration for Zabjade’s fanfic “Thursday’s Child” by bewilde
Rating: R? He's only wearing a kilt and some rope. *g*

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State of Celebration: sillysilly
07 January 2017 @ 06:06 pm
Today my Tumblr feed included Alkeni's meta Amy Madison: A Dark Mirror and a Distant Echo. I'm not always big on meta but I did like this. It inlcuded a link to two of her stories, also about Amy Madison. I followed one of Alkeni's bookmarks and discovered stories by ScienceOfficerWillowRosenberg. So all of these recs come from me browsing off of a meta.

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07 January 2017 @ 11:28 pm
These are very different fics, from hilarious to angsty there's something for everyone, but they are all good for a quick read, all between ~600 and ~2,300 words. All rated PG13 and less.

Requiem for a Poodle by zabjade
A week after Chosen, Buffy thinks about unlikely heroes. Angsty, bittersweet, but wonderfully written. 590 words.

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sb_fag_ends is a community for posting short Spuffy works. This is my second post of excellent drabbles and ficlets.

Prague by drizzlydaze (729 words)
The Council sends Wishverse!Buffy to Prague to intercept Spike and Drusilla just as the mob is closing in. It’s… fascinating.

sb_fag_ends is a community for posting short Spuffy works. I love short pieces, and you can find some of the best here! Here is just a sample:

The Faerie Queen by shapinglight (1,000 words)
Titania, the queen of fairies is looking for the slayer. Spike gets in her way . Whimsical and atmospheric, it has such an unreal quality, and yet Spike is perfectly true to character. One of shapinglight’s many talents.

07 January 2017 @ 12:38 pm
I’ve said many times before, but it bears repeating that I love baudown’s ability to tell a big story so economically. What Gives is a series of drabbles in which Xander tends to Spike’s injuries and Spike allows himself to be tended to.

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07 January 2017 @ 11:43 am
1) Second String by Solstice: Spuffy. He has lost two Slayers. She’s just lost her Watcher. Now they’re stuck with each other and neither is particularly happy about it. Drabble series set in an AU. (An AU where Spike is Buffy's watcher. All the character arcs were incredible, and for once Riley is written fairly here. My favorite part was Xander falling in love with a gender shifter demon who prefers to stay male. Check out how cute they look together:

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06 January 2017 @ 11:08 pm
There were so many amazing fanworks in 2016 that I wish I'd taken better notes! Off the top of my head, I give you five fantastic pieces of artwork from five artists:

Artwork: Mr. Trick
By chasingdemons
The hardest part was picking only one image by the amazing Danna. But! I don't think I've ever seen another artwork of Mr. Trick! I couldn't be happier seeing this fashionable, retro glamor shot of Mr. Trick, a minor yet memorable BtVS demon. (Who alone, as a bonus, commented on the unnatural lack of POC in this supposedly SoCal town. Joss, was that your conscience speaking?) Anyway, this artwork is just gorgeous! (Also, whatever skincare regimen Mr. Trick's using to get that glowing-from-within look, I want it.) ;)

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Yes, more vids!

Night Time, My Time by Faith SummersProduction (Spuffy).
The kind of Spuffy vid I like best: not your standard romantic fare, but dark, sensual, atmospheric and intense.

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06 January 2017 @ 11:51 pm
NA NA NA - The Scoobies Make Some Noise by double_dutchess and thenewbuzwuzz. Loud and incredibly uplifting vid. And also a great illustration why Scoobies make such a great team.

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05 January 2017 @ 07:12 pm
I mean ficlets, of course, all posted in the last quarter of 2016 at sb_fag_ends. Only some of them are naughty, but all of them are nice. Because sometimes drabbles and ficlets are all the time RL allows us to escape into the Buffyverse.

In reverse chronological order:

Regrets, I've Had a Few
By shapinglight
Rated PG
Buffy doesn't look back. Because when she does, well, she comes to realizations like the one in the last line. And it's a heck of a line.

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05 January 2017 @ 06:41 pm
As usual, I can't collect five things in a particular category and time is running out, so here are five of my favourite fandom things from 2016.

First some wonderful fan art.

Venus and Mars by rbfvid (Restfield). This piece was inspired by one of my fics (of the same name) but that's not why I'm reccing it. I'm reccing it because it's beautiful and clever, and in all ways absolutely superb.

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05 January 2017 @ 03:20 pm
Facing the Monster by snogged: What if Spike found Xander after the events of “Reptile Boy?” Deliciously dark.

Smoke by feathers-and-cigarettes: Set in BtVS S10. Xander smoking weed.

Frame of Reference by baudown: This fic shows why I love Spander so much. Both Xander and Spike are equal.

Special Occasion by feathers-and-cigarettes: Xander is throwing Spike a surprise birthday party.

Notes by feathers-and-cigarettes: Spike is leaving notes for Xander in poetry form.

Bonus Drabble:

Temptation by strickens_girl: This is the funniest and hottest threesome out there.
summer_of_giles is one of my favourite communities, so here are five things that caught my eye this year. I should give a disclaimer that I’m way behind with the entries, so I’m sure there is a pile of other stuff I could have recced that I just haven’t got to as yet.

It’s always illuminating to see the Buffy ‘verse through external eyes, and in punch_kicker15’s The English Patient: Seven Times Giles Visited the Hospital(and One Time He Didn’t) we see Giles across the seven seasons through the eyes of a resident physician at Sunnydale Hospital. This is good stuff.

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04 January 2017 @ 07:29 pm
Five favorite pre-series shorts of the past year, arranged from shortest to longest.

Prodigal Son by dragonyphoenix (or here is AO3 link). Giles, three encounters after Randall's funeral. Three incredibly powerful insights on how young Ripper was turning into Giles.

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03 January 2017 @ 08:05 pm
Five fluffy or/and funny short stories from 2016, arranged from shortest to longest.

Arrival by yeahyeahno. Giles is facing the biggest horror of his life (no kidding, I can relate).

A Slayin' Song Tonight by beer_good_foamy. Five holiday decorations that can be used to slay vampires, and one vice versa. AKA the Scooby Holiday Meet-Up is about as peaceful as you'd expect.
And can I just say - the Giles' one. *uncontrollable giggling*
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I did my list of comedy fics that made me giggle in 2016, so here now is a list of five pretty angsty dramatic fics that made me go wow, I wish I’d written that.

First up is aadler’s There Ought to be Clowns (The Lying Eyes Remix). Buffy makes Xander a ‘no strings’ offer and Xander accepts. Funny how it becomes impossible to say what you really want once you’ve got what you asked for. I really loved the complicated Buffy characterisation in this story – it’s the road not taken, but feels very true to her character. And the use of repetition is an especially effective bell in her brain. Really good stuff.

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01 January 2017 @ 11:23 pm
One of my images was originally created toward the end of 2015 but has been reworked in 2016. Since I wasn't sure if that should count, I made it my extra.

  1. Restfield's Not Thinking About Buffy - OK, I'm not good with images so I don't know what to say but it's in how he's looking away from her, how she's in the smoke. I adore it.

the rest of the links are getting me a copy of Drawing for Dummies so maybe I could sketch something cool for next year's rec listCollapse )
01 January 2017 @ 12:12 pm
God knows we needed to get our laughs where we could last year, so here are five ficlets from 2016 that made me giggle

To kick off, try a perfect Giles, Spike drabble from il_mio_capitano. Spike might just be a little bit obsessed with Buffy. No wonder Giles needs Something Stronger.

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LJ coms are exactly that: communities. Places where we come together to share the fandom with people who are on our friends list and people who are not. Without communities, I would not have met a lot of wonderful people on LJ. I want to give a shout out to five +1 communities that brought fandom to our little corner of the world in 2016. (I simply couldn’t limit the list to five, so I’ve added a bonus.) This is also an expression of gratitude to the moderators of all communities who give of their time to create a fandom experience for the rest of us.

Created in August 2010, this community promotes Spike/Buffy fanfic and meta up to 1,000 words in length (as well as limited postings of artwork). It's a great concept, especially for those of us who really enjoy the opportunity to participate in brief spurts. The community is moderated by bogwitch, quinara, and shapinglight. I have to say their annual Halloween challenge has been one of the highlights of my fandom year. As of the end of 2016, the community will sadly no longer have active mods, but it remains open for anyone who wants to showcase their work. Thank you for your contribution to the fandom!

01 January 2017 @ 11:34 am
Memorial by Lyr. She heads to L.A. and stays, but doesn't know who she is. I liked this thought of how Buffy's time there might have gone and how she might have found herself again.

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31 December 2016 @ 05:54 pm
buffyversetop5 is now open for its 2016 session and will remain open through 6 PM UTC on January 16th (click here for your time zone). The 2016 session welcomes recs of any fan-created Buffyverse works either started or continued during the past year.

So please join me and petzipellepingo in celebrating another year in the Buffyverse fandom. Check your download folders, your tags, your bookmarks and memories to see what you enjoyed this year and what you want to make sure the Buffyverse community doesn't miss from 2016. And if you have any questions about the session, ask them here!
17 December 2016 @ 05:21 pm
After the holiday madness is over, don't forget to look back at 2016 and think about the things that were actually good about it, such as Buffyverse fanworks!

Gifting your fellow fans some lovely items to start the coming year with is a great way to spread a little cheer to all those wonderful writers, artists, vidders, mods, and more who have given you something to smile (or maybe cry) about during 2016.

buffyversetop5 will reopen for its 2016 session on January 1, 2017 at midnight UTC (click here for your time zone) and will remain open through 6 PM GMT on January 16th.

So start checking your download folders, your tags, your bookmarks and memories to see what you enjoyed this year and what you want to make sure the Buffyverse community doesn't miss from 2016. If you want to help spread the news, several artists have made us starter treats to entice friends to the party. If you have any questions about the session, ask them here!
31 October 2016 @ 10:21 pm
That groaning squeak you hear is the door being closed on this session of Classic Recs. Although you'll have to put away the pumpkins and garlic until next year, we've had an abundance of tasty treats offered to fill us up ::nom nom:: Many thanks to the folks posting and commenting during this session!

It was particularly great to see people filling requests from The Wish List. We'll be bringing it back again next year for further inspiration.

buffyversetop5 will reopen for its 2016 session on January 1, 2017 at midnight UTC (click here for your time zone). So start checking your download folders, your tags, your bookmarks and memories to see what you enjoyed this year and what you want to make sure the Buffyverse community doesn't miss from 2016!

After each session the content on LJ is backed up to our Dreamwidth community. There is also a Whedonverse community at Imzy whose members wanted to have a Classic Recs session there. So if you have (or want) an Imzy account, you're invited to crosspost your recs there. Feel free to ask any questions about that below.
31 October 2016 @ 06:56 pm
I'm a big fan of fics where a well-timed spell, a friend stepping in to help, or someone asking the right question at the right time can solve a problem from canon.

Here are five short classic fics in that category:

1. Apotheosis by Ephemeral Night (Willow/Tara, General Audiences). Willow stumbles upon the secret for carrying out the Thy Will Be Done Spell in a more effective manner, and comes up with some clever and audacious to eliminate nearly every threat the Scooby Gang will ever face, and then takes it even further into the ultimate fix-it fic territory. Tagged as "fluff and crack" in AO3, and it's high quality fluff and crack.

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31 October 2016 @ 02:37 pm
Dawn Meets Cordy by onegirlinalltheworld. So this isn't a fic about pre-series Dawn but I thought it was a nifty idea about how Dawn and Cordelia might have bonded in S2.

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31 October 2016 @ 07:39 pm
Five favorite scary stories. Just keep in mind that some of these go with major character death warning. Won't tell which ones, because I'm evil like that. And because spoilers.

Truly and Forever by thuviaptarth. What if Willow managed to resurrect Tara? Rated NC-17, and not exactly for the smut.

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31 October 2016 @ 10:19 am
Just a friendly reminder from your mods to anyone waiting on the sidelines or putting together some final lists: our 2016 Classic Recs session will be ending in 12 hours. Especially if you have Wish List fills, please get those in now!
rebcake asked for pre-series fic focused on Darla or Dru, and I'm happy to oblige (though I doubt I can offer anything new to her). All stories rated PG to PG-13 (yes, I'm shocked, too!)

Traveller by selenak. Darla might not know the rules yet, but she had always known how to make men break them. Darla and the Master, in the beginning.

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31 October 2016 @ 03:50 pm
Some Joyce fic recs, requested by lusciousxander.

Unpacking by minim_calibre. Joyce arrives to Sunnydale. Set around "Welcome to the Hellmouth", G.

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31 October 2016 @ 04:07 am
For chasingdemons, who requested some Spangel. All By Anna S.

1. Untitled --Melancholy, poignant, beautiful.

2. Sleepy -- Short, but it packs a wallop.

3. Gift -- "Once it would have taken force to drive Spike to his knees."

4. Untitled -- The L.A. gang discusses the relationship.

5. Untitled -- This piece just gets to the heart of who they are, and who they are to each other. Quite possibly my favorite Spangel story ever.
31 October 2016 @ 08:17 am
And another spangel rec list, this time it's comedy/fluff. Because one list was clearly not enough.

This Is It by Foxinator (foxstarreh). Spike and Angel move on. Maybe. Kinda. PG-13.

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